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Our Policies


Daily attendance is critical to ensuring a successful school experience. State law mandates that we record all absences and tardies. When a student is absent for any reason, please call the attendance office, or send a written note on the day he or she returns to school, stating the reason for absence. Unverified absences are considered TRUANTS. All absences must be verified immediately upon a student’s return to school. Students who fail to clear their absence for two consecutive days are subject to lunch detention.

The Long Beach Unified School District excuses absences only for illness; doctor, dentist and counseling appointments (with Doctor’s note); court appointments (with documentation); religious observation; and death in the immediate family. All other absences, such as mainland shopping, vacation, or special events, are considered parent request and are unexcused. Excessive unexcused absences can classify a student as a truant. The Long Beach Unified District will automatically issue letters of warning after three unverified or unexcused absences. Absences for each student will be printed on the quarter report cards. Excessive absences will affect the academic and participation grades and will lead to more serious actions. Students must contact the teacher prior to absence to arrange makeup work and/or contact the teacher immediately upon return to school. Generally, teachers have a time limit on makeup work, usually one day per day absence, up to five days total. Parents whose children do not attend school regularly may be prosecuted and fined (Ed. Code Sec. 48293).

Additional Policies