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Character Education


Avalon Schools Character Education Program
“People of genius are admired, people of wealth are envied, people of power are feared; but only people of character are trusted.” — Author Unknown
A person’s Character is who he or she is when no one is looking. It is the set of qualities that define you as a person. A person of character has good ethical values that distinguish right from wrong and a strong commitment to do what is right even when it is inconvenient, uncomfortable, or personally costly. Being a person of Character is not easy and that is why it is such an admirable goal. 
Good character does not develop spontaneously. Rather, it is the result of conscientious efforts to instill and reinforce ethical values in a way that makes them second nature. This sense of right and wrong is often referred to as the conscience. Conscience is the moral compass of character.
To live within an orderly framework students learn expectations at the beginning of the schools year and throughout the year with character building challenges. This year marks the seventh year of the Character Education Program at Avalon Schools. The goal of the program is to build character by integrating the following Six Building Blocks into our daily lessons:
I.     Respect – To show regard for self, others, property and the environment.
II.    Caring – To be compassionate, considerate, helpful and understanding of others.
III.   Responsibility – To be answerable; to be accountable for one’s actions.
IV.  Trustworthiness – To be worthy of trust and confidence; to be reliable and honest.
V.    Fairness – To be considerate, unbiased and equitable.
VI.   Citizenship – To hold to the values and principles basic to American Constitutional democracy; to act for the common good.
Every grade, K-12, integrates Character Education into the curriculum. Positive role models and community service are important parts of the program. We need the community’s support, involvement and participation to implement this program with success.
Effective character education, of course, goes beyond the memorization of words. It involves the inculcation of habits that form internal mechanisms of control and moral courage. Character education is necessary to help students develop the tools and strategies to make moral choices they can be proud of. A school can provide no greater gift!