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High School Checklist

9th Grade (Freshmen)


  • Begin a Four-Year Plan
  • Talk to your counselor about graduation requirements
  • Become familiar with the UC/CSU a-g subject requirements
  • Work on your grades!  Aim for As and Bs in all of your classes
  • Start thinking about your academic and career goals.   Use the internet to do career searches to find your interests
  • Take PSAT 8/9

10th Grade (Sophomores)



11th Grade (Juniors)

Interested in the military?  Not sure about what career to choose?  Take the ASVAB.

12th Grade (Seniors)


  • Must have the SAT  and/or the ACT by December for UC/CSU admission
  • Turn in your Senior Resume to your counselor.   Read the scholarship bulletin.
  • CSU Application period:  October 1st to November 
  • UC Application period:  November 1st to November 30th. Talk to your counselor to review your application before you SUBMIT!
  • Check each private school and out of state school’s websites for application deadlines and requirements.  Many colleges and universities use the Common Application
  • Apply for Financial Aid. 
  • Attend the Financial Aid Workshop in October.
  • Complete and file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  by March 2.  Make sure your counselor reviews your FAFSA application before you SUBMIT!