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Our School

About Us

Avalon K-12 School was established in its current location in Falls Canyon in 1924. A part of Long Beach Unified School District, Avalon School is the only school on Santa Catalina Island and elementary, middle, and high school students share the same campus.  Classrooms are located in two historic Mission-style buildings, 4 secondary bungalows and 16 elementary bungalows. At the center of the campus are the middle and high school classrooms, administrative and counseling offices, library, auditorium, home economics room and cafeteria. The upper campus consists of the gymnasium and locker rooms, shop and secondary bungalows. The lower part of the campus houses the elementary bungalows. Playground areas are interspersed among the buildings and a baseball and multi-use field lies beyond the secondary bungalows at the end of Falls Canyon Road.

Our total school enrollment for 2020-21 is 468 students: 213 elementary students (TK-5), 115 middle school students (6-8), and 140 high school students (9-12). The graduating Class of 2020 was 36 students.  Because of our Island location many teachers know their students as neighbors and have interacted with them over a period of many years. There is a natural tendency for the staff to take an active role in supporting students’ academic and social growth both at school and in the community, a rarity in today’s complex world.

Our Mission

From kindergarten to graduation, Avalon School is committed to maintaining rigorous academic expectations and encouraging personal integrity in a safe and supportive environment while fostering development of the 21st century college and career skill set.

Our Vision

Every student acts with integrity, pursues success, and contributes positively to both themselves and society.

Guidelines for Success

Elementary Guidelines

  • Thoughts are meaningful
  • Words are respectful
  • Actions are responsible

Secondary Guidelines

  • Thoughts create our reality.  Think positively and deeply
  • Words are powerful.  Speak appropriately and respectfully
  • Actions are represent us.  Act responsibly and be kind to others

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Avalon students will…

Demonstrate independence

  • Become self-directed learners
  • Persevere through problem solving
  • Construct and convey effective arguments
  • Actively seek out diverse resources
  • Demonstrate creativity, innovation and original thinking

Build strong content knowledge

  • Read purposefully and listen attentively to gain knowledge
  • Share knowledge through writing and speaking
  • Access prior knowledge to make connections with new content
  • Read and write for both purpose and pleasure

Comprehend, communicate and critique effectively

  • Demonstrate a command of Standard English
  • Assess soundness of reasoning
  • Communicate clearly and support with evidence
  • Use relevant evidence when supporting points in writing and speaking
  • Respectfully question a text’s premises and assumptions

Become digitally literate

  • Use technology to enhance learning and productivity
  • Understand the personal, ethical, social, and legal implications of the power of technology
  • Know the strengths and limitations of various technological tools and medium

Work productively in teams

  • Understand that the process of teamwork is as valuable as the product
  • Seek to understand other perspectives and cultures

Our Location

200 Falls Canyon Road

P.O. Box 557

Avalon, CA 90704