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Avalon K-12 School

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    This website is no longer being updated as of April 11, 2023 and will be removed at the end of this school year.


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    Attendance Clerk


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      Introducing Ms. Emma Peguero, Incoming Principal of Avalon School 2022-2023
      Ms. Emma Peguero, incoming principal of Avalon, 2022-2023

      Dear Avalon Lancer Community,

      It is with immense gratitude and honor that I introduce myself as the new principal of Avalon K-12 school.  I have a multi-faceted background that connects me to our community- I have been a long-time resident, alumnus, parent, and teacher. Moving into the principal role, I am deeply invested in our school community's needs and committed to ensuring that academic success and social-emotional well-being are at the forefront of our work in the years to come.

      I am a proud product of our Avalon K-12 school system (class of ‘98) and my family has been part of the island community for over 40 years.  I come from an immigrant background and am a first-generation college graduate. When my family arrived in Avalon we were quickly “adopted” by Maui Hernandez, Tina Voci, and Dixie Tree.   I am forever grateful to these women for helping my parents navigate the school system, obtain housing, and learn the language.  The love I have for our town and school is rooted in the people and relationships that intertwine us as a village in a unique and beautiful way.  Since this connection has been so strong,  Avalon has been the place where my husband and I have raised our 2 boys and dogs.  It is also the reason why I feel so invested in making a difference in the lives of our island youth.

      I have nearly 12 years of experience serving Avalon K-12 School in different capacities. I began as a student teacher and soon after I was offered an elementary teaching contract at Avalon.  Later I became a Teacher on Special Assignment to service our English language learners and AVID 9 class.  This past year I was a Program Specialist and worked alongside our former principal. In these various roles, I have strived to create an impact that positively influenced our students and the school community.  I have learned from great mentors and have taught alongside talented educators. As my leadership capacity expanded so did a deep sense of urgency, commitment, and duty to meet our schools’ challenges.  As a former Avalon Lancer I know our school is very special, unique, and at the same time very complex.

      As an educator and leader, I am dedicated to continuous improvement.   I believe there is always room for improvement and will work to ensure we are moving in a direction that improves the outcomes for our students and school community.  I hold a commitment to equity and excellence and aim for all our kids to experience a rich education grounded in equitable access to quality instruction.  In that same manner, I also hold a firm belief that our kids have the right to a safe place to learn. I have seen our kids achieve incredible heights and succeed beyond high school in college and careers and I have also seen our kids seek support in ways that require us to meet their individual needs.  It is based on these values. I welcome partnerships, feedback, input, and collaboration with our community stakeholders.  I know that together everyone can achieve more, and our collective effort will move our school to reflect our desired results.

      Thank you for your continued support and for welcoming me into this new role.  I am eagerly looking forward to working with all of you.


      Mrs. Emma Peguero
      Principal, Avalon School




      Misson & Vision

      Our Mission
      From kindergarten to graduation, Avalon School is committed to maintaining rigorous academic expectations and encouraging personal integrity in a safe and supportive environment while fostering development of the 21st century college and career skill set.

      Our Vision
      Every student acts with integrity, pursues success, and contributes positively to both themselves and society.