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Parent Success Training Program comes to Avalon on May 30

On Wednesday, May 30 Avalon school will be hosting a Parent Success Training course on Non-Violent Crisis Intervention presented by Michael Anderson from Long Beach Unified School District.  The training will take place in the School Library from 5:30 - 7:00 PM and is sponsored by Avalon School and CHOICES.


"A Guide for Parents" Series shows parents how they can use the highly-effective principles and strategies from the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program when dealing with challenging behavior from their own children.


Empathic Listening is one of the most powerful tools parents have to build trust and self-esteem in their children. But being a good listener is not an automatic process, it is more than simply hearing a child's words. This guide will show parents how to listen more effectively.


This useful resource begins by helping parents assess their own style of managing anger when dealing with their children. The guide then goes on to explain: The guide focuses on how to be a positive role model, so children can learn that it is possible to be angry without being hurtful to themselves or others.


Limit setting is a cornerstone of CPI's Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program, and this guide provides parents with information about CPI's time-tested approach to this important technique.

Free Series of Classes for Parents and Caregivers!

CHANGE TO JUNE DATE!  In June, classes will be held on MONDAY, June 4.

Parents and care givers are invited to participate in a series of FREE parent education classes presented by Harbor Regional Center This program is designed for parents and guardians who need support in managing thir son/daughter's behavior and/or skill deficits.  The meetings will be held monthly on the first Thursday of the month.  Please call Miguel Flores at (310) 543-0135 or email for more information.



English Flyer

Volante en Espanol



These meetings help the school district to strategize programs to support Pacific Islander students.  View the attached flier for details and a schedule of meetings through September.


State law requires all public schools to create a School Accountability Report Card (SARC). The purpose of the report card is to provide parents and the community with important information about your child's school, which includes:

  • School Description and Mission
  • School Programs and Instructional Materials
  • Opportunities for Parent Involvement
  • Test Results
  • Safety Plan
  • Facilities

We invite you to view the School Accountability Report Card (SARC) for your child's school.  You can find your school's SARC here.


School Loop

Avalon teachers, counselors, officer personnel, and administrators communicate with students and their families through traditional methods and newly adopted technologies. The most recent communication tool available to our staff is School Loop. School Loop is a web-based site that offers 6th through 12th grade students and their families a wide range of information about the school and their individual student. Students, parents, and guardians may obtain Avalon Schools School Loop accounts, and not only view news and updates about the school, but also peruse their own child’s class and homework assignments, test grades, and overall academic standing. School Loop can be used to reach teachers, counselors, and administrators by e-mail. Families may obtain assistance to sign onto School Loop at Back to School, or by individual appointment through their student’s counselor.

The school website is also a School Loop product.
School Messenger, a telephone based communication system, offers teachers, counselors, office staff, and administrators a tool to relate information about individual students or school-wide news to families in their native language. Teachers have access to a menu of pre-recorded messages concerning classroom assignments, grades, behaviors, and activities, that they can send to family phones with the touch of a couple letters on the keyboard.
Administrators and office personnel possess the ability to send notifications to families of targeted groups of students or the entire school population. Attendance calls arrive on family phones automatically on the day a student is absent from one or more class period. The school receives a list of unsuccessful calls every time a  message is sent, improving our ability to update phone numbers for our students’ families.

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Our Mission

From kindergarten to graduation, Avalon School is committed to maintaining rigorous academic expectations and encouraging personal integrity in a safe and supportive environment while fostering development of the 21st century college and career skill set.

Our Vision

Every student acts with integrity, pursues success, and contributes positively to both themselves and society.

Online Math Support for Grades 6-12 Click Here.

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