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Construction Contractors Invited to Outreach Fair
Measure K school construction and renovation created 1,740 new construction jobs in 2014.  Construction contractors and trades people interested in becoming eligible to work on upcoming Measure K school building and renovation projects are in... Continue
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Published: 3/20/15

Supporting Students Under a New System
A number of efforts are under way to support students under a new and improved accountability system for schools. Learn more in this newsletter for parents:

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Published: 2/27/15

2015 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress

The assessments that comprise the 2015 CAASPP administration are a mix of online and paper-pencil assessments. The online component contains the Smarter Balanced English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics tests. The paper-pencil component includes CST/CMA/CAPA science tests. In California, all students in grades 3 through 8 and 11 will participate in the 2015 Smarter Balanced (SBAC) tests, which include both ELA and mathematics content areas. These tests are administered online. The CSTs in Science are to be administered to students in grades 5, 8, and 10.

Avalon K-12 School WASC Accreditation Process 2015

What is WASC?

It stands for Western Association of Schools and Colleges and is one of six associations in the United States that grants accreditation to schools.

What is Accreditation?

Provides certification to the public

Validates the integrity of the school

Fosters on-going improvement

Supports student learning

Assists schools in setting goals for improvement

Accreditation is a way of certifying that a school meets standards expected by educators, employers, the military, and institutions of higher learning. It means that the learning experiences that lead to a student’s transcripts and diploma from the school are valid.

Avalon K-12 School’s self-study has been the major focal point over the last year and a half. This process looked at setting goals for continuous improvement and providing high quality learning opportunities. The final report included:

  1. The current school and community profile
  2. Overall progress report since our last self-study
  3. Schoolwide learner outcomes
  4. Findings and supporting evidence
  5. Revised schoolwide action plan

Focus groups and leadership teams at our school wrote reports with the WASC Focus on Learning criteria. The final report based on the above criteria was submitted mid-February to WASC.

On March 23-25th, our school will be visited by the WASC Committee that will provide an outside perspective on the quality of the curricular and instructional program provided for our students. Classroom visits, campus observations, and discussions with teachers and students along with reviewing our report will be the basis for recommending the term of the accreditation.

Be prepared. Everyone plays an important role in this process towards continuous improvement at Avalon K-12. Understand how your part to showcase your very best is a snapshot of the learning and teaching that happens at Avalon K-12.

Be proud to be an Avalon Lancer!

School Loop

Avalon teachers, counselors, officer personnel, and administrators communicate with students and their families through traditional methods and newly adopted technologies. The most recent communication tool available to our staff is School Loop. School Loop is a web-based site that offers 6th through 12th grade students and their families a wide range of information about the school and their individual student. Students, parents, and guardians may obtain Avalon Schools School Loop accounts, and not only view news and updates about the school, but also peruse their own child’s class and homework assignments, test grades, and overall academic standing. School Loop can be used to reach teachers, counselors, and administrators by e-mail. Families may obtain assistance to sign onto School Loop at Back to School, or by individual appointment through their student’s counselor.

The school website is also a School Loop product.
School Messenger, a telephone based communication system, offers teachers, counselors, office staff, and administrators a tool to relate information about individual students or school-wide news to families in their native language. Teachers have access to a menu of pre-recorded messages concerning classroom assignments, grades, behaviors, and activities, that they can send to family phones with the touch of a couple letters on the keyboard.
Administrators and office personnel possess the ability to send notifications to families of targeted groups of students or the entire school population. Attendance calls arrive on family phones automatically on the day a student is absent from one or more class period. The school receives a list of unsuccessful calls every time a  message is sent, improving our ability to update phone numbers for our students’ families.

School District News

School Calendar

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School Events

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

From kindergarten to graduation, Avalon School is committed to maintaining rigorous academic expectations and encouraging personal integrity in a safe and supportive environment while fostering development of the 21st century college and career skill set.

Our Vision

Every student acts with integrity, pursues success, and contributes positively to both themselves and society.

Online Math Support for Grades 6-12 Click Here.

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