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Important Information For Students Who Ride Long Beach Transit (Información Importante Para Los Estudiantes Que Viajan En Long Beach Transit)
Posted by: Public Information Office
Published: 6/6/14

Principal's Message


Message from the Principal

Avalon Families,

Welcome to another School Year at Avalon Schools!  Last year the students and staff had an extraordinary year and we are looking forward to an even better one this year.  A few schedule changes this year you need to be aware of; Dismissal times have changed PreK-12 grade.  Pre-K students will be dismissed at 11:20, Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten students at 11:30.  Grades 1-3 are dismissed at 2:05 and grades 4-5 are dismissed at 2:10. Elementary minimum days (1-5) will now be back on Thursdays.  That means that every Thursday, elementary students (1-5) will be released at 1:30 pm. Secondary students (Grades 6-12) will be dismissed at 2:50 every day.

Teachers, parents, school administrators, and experts across the nation have come together to establish a single set of clear educational standards for Kindergarten through 12th grade in English Language Arts and Mathematics known as the Common Core State Standards.  The standards are designed to ensure that students graduating from High School are prepared to succeed in college or the work force.  California is among the 45 states that adopted the Common Core and this year will mark our first year of full implementation.  This year will also mark our last year of STAR testing. 

With the implementation of the Common Core State Standards your child will be engaged in more rigorous coursework .  We appreciate your continued support with your students at home as we make the transition.  The faculty and I are looking forward to working with you to ensure that each and every student in the school is successful this year, academically and socially. We ask that every student comes to school every school day on-time, with all his or her materials and prepared to do his or her best. Success is a team effort and every player (student, teacher and parent) is an integral part of that team. When every player does his or her best, everyone wins!

I look forward to seeing you all on or before our scheduled Back to School Nights.  September 18th for Elementary School and October 2 for Secondary School. Please mark your calendars.  I am certain this is going to be a positive and exciting year because of the great foundation that has already been laid by you. I look forward to working together to develop critical thinkers, effective communicators and responsible Lancer Scholars with exceptional character! Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions you might have. 


Angelica Gonzalez, Principal


Queridas Familias de Avalon,

¡Bienvenidos a otro ciclo escolar en la Escuela Avalon!    El año pasado los estudiantes y el personal tuvo un año extraordinario y estamos deseando un aún mejor este año.  Algunos cambios de horarios este ano; Las horas de salida han cambiado PreK-12 grade.  Alumnos de Pre-K saldrán a la 11:20, Kindergarten Transicional y Kindergarten saldrán a las 11:30.  Grados del 1-3 saldrán a las 2:05 y los grados 4-5 saldrán a  las 2:10; Días mínimos regresan a los jueves.  Eso significa que todos los jueves, los estudiantes de primaria (1-5) saldrán a la 1:30 pm. Estudiantes de secundaria y high school  (Grades 6-12) saldrán a las 2:50 todos los días.

Maestros, padres, administradores de escuelas, y expertos de todo el país se han unido para establecer un conjunto único de normas educativas claras para Kindergarten hasta el grado 12 en artes de lenguaje (lectura) y matemáticas conocidos como los Common Core State Standards. Los  estándares están diseñados para asegurar que los estudiantes que se gradúan de la escuela secundaria están preparados para tener éxito en la universidad o el mundo laboral.  California es uno de los 45 estados que a adoptado los estándares Common Core  y este ano marca nuestro primer año de implementación completa.  Este año también será nuestro último año de exámenes STAR.

La facultad y yo estamos deseando trabajar con usted para asegurar que cada estudiante en la escuela tenga éxito este año, académicamente y socialmente. Pedimos que cada estudiante llegue a la escuela cada día a tiempo, con todas sus materiales y dispuesta/o a hacer su mejor esfuerzo. El éxito es un esfuerzo de equipo y cada jugador (estudiantes, maestros y padres) es parte integrante de ese equipo. ¡Cuando cada jugador hace su mayor esfuerzo, todos ganan!

Espero verlos a todos en las noches de regreso a la escuela.  El 18 de septiembre para la escuela primaria y el 2 de octubre para la escuela secundaria. Por favor marque sus calendarios. Estoy segura de que este va a ser un año positivo y emocionante debido a la gran base que ya ha sido establecida por usted. Estoy deseosa de trabajar juntos para desarrollar pensadores críticos, comunicadores eficaces y responsables académicos con carácter excepcional! No dude en contactarme con algún comentario o pregunta que pueda tener.


Angelica Gonzalez, Directora

WASC Accreditation

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation process is called Focus on Learning. The goal of this process is to evaluate a school’s impact on student learning, as well as the effectiveness of the school’s programs and its operation. In 2009, WASC awarded Avalon School with a six-year accreditation with a Midterm Review after three years. The 2009 report identified three Critical Areas for Follow-up that we have been addressing during the past three years. On March 26, 2012, a two-person team visited Avalon and looked at our progress. We were excited to share our progress with them and look forward to sharing the visiting committee’s report with you soon.


La Asociación  de Escuelas y Colegios (WASC) se llama “foco en el aprendizaje.” El objetivo de este proceso es evaluar el impacto de una escuela de aprendizaje, así como la eficacia de los programas de la escuela y su funcionamiento. En 2009, WASC otorgó Avalon con una acreditación de seis años con un reviso de mitad de período después de tres años. El informe de 2009 identificó tres áreas críticas para el seguimiento que nos hemos estado ocupando durante los últimos tres años. El 26 de marzo de 2012, un equipo de dos personas visitará Avalon y miraran nuestro progreso. Estamos muy contentos de compartir nuestro progreso con ellos y deseando compartir el  informe de la Comisión visitante con usted pronto.

School Loop

Avalon teachers, counselors, officer personnel, and administrators communicate with students and their families through traditional methods and newly adopted technologies. The most recent communication tool available to our staff is School Loop. School Loop is a web-based site that offers 6th through 12th grade students and their families a wide range of information about the school and their individual student. Students, parents, and guardians may obtain Avalon Schools School Loop accounts, and not only view news and updates about the school, but also peruse their own child’s class and homework assignments, test grades, and overall academic standing. School Loop can be used to reach teachers, counselors, and administrators by e-mail. Families may obtain assistance to sign onto School Loop at Back to School, or by individual appointment through their student’s counselor.

The school website is also a School Loop product.
School Messenger, a telephone based communication system, offers teachers, counselors, office staff, and administrators a tool to relate information about individual students or school-wide news to families in their native language. Teachers have access to a menu of pre-recorded messages concerning classroom assignments, grades, behaviors, and activities, that they can send to family phones with the touch of a couple letters on the keyboard.
Administrators and office personnel possess the ability to send notifications to families of targeted groups of students or the entire school population. Attendance calls arrive on family phones automatically on the day a student is absent from one or more class period. The school receives a list of unsuccessful calls every time a  message is sent, improving our ability to update phone numbers for our students’ families.

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Our Mission and Vision

We at Avalon/Two Harbors Schools believe that all students:

  • Can Learn
  • Can Develop a Positive Self-Concept
  • Can Produce Quality Work
  • Can Develop a Life Plan

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